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Pushing Points MOP Booleans Kit version 2.1 Released!

The MOP Booleans Kit is a MODO add on designed to remove the challenges of working with complex boolean operations with a non-destructive workflow that makes creating highly detailed meshes a trivial task.

Version 2.1 of the Kit is now available and offers the ability to work with procedural and instanced meshes. This is a free update for anyone that has purchased previous versions of the kit. Simply log into your Gumroad account to access the latest version of the kit, replace the old kit with the new one and restart Modo.

You can see the update in action here:

****Important Note****

Version 2.1 require Modo Version 15.1 to work properly. If you are using previous builds of Modo, continue using the build of MOP Booleans you have used. To take advantage of the Boolean enhancements found in MOP Booleans v2.1 you will want to upgrade to the latest build of Modo.

Enjoy the update and keep me posted on your new creations!


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