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Coolidge Collection Updated to v2.1.1

New user-requested scripts have been added to the Pushing Points Coolidge Collection.

This is a free update for anyone that has purchased the Coolidge Collection. Simply log into your Gumroad account to access the latest version of the kit, replace the old kit with the new one and restart Modo.

New Scripts include:

Remove All Selection Sets- This script is designed to remove all vert, edge and polygon selection sets from a mesh item.

Create UV Seam Selection Set- This script is designed to create an edge selection set from an item’s UV seams.

Smart Quadfill- This script is designed fill the selected polygons with quad topology based on user defined orientation. Solves for radial topology where Fill Quads produces undesirable topology.

Move Render Outputs to Top- This script is designed to select and move all Render Outputs to the top of the Shader Tree. 

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